Meet The Team!

Bethany Unwin

Bethany is the founder of The performer journals and Performing Arts Mag and the host of Performer Talks Podcast.

Lewis Wilson

Lewis is the Co-Creator of Performing Arts Mag.

Rosina Andrews

Rosina Andrews is a world renowned dance teacher and choreographer. Rosina has developed her own training method; Rosina Andrews Method. Along with writing three publications; Leap surgery, Pirouette surgery and Dance Smarter. Rosina writes for our Dance Technique Corner.

Megan Daniels

Megan is an exceptional vocal coach and musical director. Working with beginners to professional artists in the industry, Megan promotes safe practice and high quality technique. Megan writes for our Singing Technique Corner.

Savanna Madden

Savanna is a prestigious acting coach, with years of performing and coaching experience. Savanna offers coaching in acting, LAMDA, singing, verse and pros, public speaking and devising. Helping her students to achieve authentic performances, Savanna has outstanding results. Savanna writes our acting technique corner.

Crystal Nicholls

Crystal is a professional dancer, performer and creative. Along with being a qualified nutrition & wellness coach. Crystal specialises in coaching creatives and writes the Performer Fuel section, providing wonderful recipes, every month in Performing Arts Mag!

Terry Hyde

Terry is a retired professional dancer and now is an award winning Dance Counsellor. Terry supports thousands of artists, provides workshops for educational settings, shares knowledge and advice through social media and has created an app to help performers improve their mental wellbeing.

Sarah Gittins

Sarah Gittins is a dance & theatre school owner and a business coach that specialises in helping dance and theatre school owners develop their schools; through her platform, The Dance Den. Sarah has even created her own planner, to help principals run and manage their schools. Sarah writes for our performing arts school section.


Molly is one of our reviews for our website. She is an eager young writer with a passion for the arts.


Madeline Craft

Madeline is one of our reviews for our website. She is studying graphic and media design at Uni. She attends the theatre whenever she get the opportunity.



Anna-May is one of our reviews for our website. She is a music student at the University of Salford, Manchester. She is a passionate performer and currently works as a children’s entertainer in Lancashire. She is excited to be writing and sharing her thoughts with you. 


Joseph is one of our reviews for our website. He has a huge passion for performing arts and hopes to become a performer. He loves to watch theatre (Especially musicals) and has an interest in writing reviews. He is delighted to be a reviewer for PAMAG and cannot wait to see what the future holds!



Milly is one of our reviews for our website. She is passionate about theatre and loves go at every opportunity!


Jess is one of our reviews for our website. Jess is 25 and from the North East. She is currently working in student recruitment at the University  of Sunderland and works Front of House at the Sunderland Empire. She loves theatre more than anything, when she is not working in a theatre, she will most definitely be in the audience of one.


Kathryn is one of our reviews for our website. She is a busy wife and mum of two boys, Kathryn enjoys spending downtime at the theatre (albeit usually with her eldest in tow). Kathryn’s passion for musical theatre stems from taking part in a local amateur dramatic group’s performance of The King and I when she was 5. Although, not performing at the moment, Kathryn is an enthusiastic audience member.  She is delighted to be working with PAMAG.