Lewis Wilson

Lewis Wilson is the Editor and Marketer for PA MAG. Lewis has a vast amount of knowledge on this sector and a passion for the arts.

Bethany Unwin

Bethany Unwin is a professional Actor and Performer. Alongside her professional career, Bethany is the director of The Performer Journals and co-editor for P A Mag, to give free information and guidance to aspiring Performers on the arts industry.





sam unwin

Sam is a writer, with a passion for the TV, film and virtual entertainment industry.

Kath Macrae

Megan McPhee

Megan McPhee is a theatre graduate and aspiring creative. She has a passion for the arts and hopes to build a career devising and writing her own work. Megan is a writer for P A MAG.

Crystal Nicholls

Crystal Nicholls is a professional dancer and wellness coach for performers. As a performer she has appeared in commercials, on the high seas, and Disney's The Lion King.
Crystal is certified by the Institute of Transformational Nutrition in nutrition and holistic health. Through her 1:1 and group coaching, she helps performers and creatives boost their energy, overcome creative blocks, and embody confidence.