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Greatest Days The Musical: Review

Greatest Days The Musical: Review
Written by Milly

On Saturday the 13th of May I went to watch Greatest Days the musical at Bromley Theatre.

The story

Greatest Days is a new show which is currently touring the UK. The story is set in the 1990s and follows five girls who are obsessed with this boy band however unfortunately they all lose touch yet they all reunite 20 years later. It is a story full of emotion and shows the happy, sad and lonely times of all five of the girls it is a great show and it features many of the original take that songs. 


The cast of this show featured many incredible performers including Kym Marsh, Emilie Cunliffe, Mary Moore and Kitty Harris. All the performers were incredible at portraying their characters however one cast member that particularly caught my eye was Kym Marsh, she was definitely a perfect fit for the role that she played as she was able to effectively use facial expressions to help convey the way her character felt throughout the show. Another cast member that I really enjoyed watching was Kitty Harris as she played her character well through the use of tone in her voice. Overall the cast were all extremely talented and definitely perfect for their roles.


The lighting for this show was designed by Rob Casey who is very talented and made sure the lighting was perfect for the show. During the show I really loved the way the lighting helped to show some of the feelings felt throughout the show for example when there were themes of power and love a darker red lighting was cast on stage which helped to intensity the mood that was felt onstage. Another example of the lighting helping to bring out the emotions was using a darker blue or black to help intensify the themes of sadness and remembrance. Overall the lighting for this show was absolutely incredible and really helped to make the show as effective as it was. 


Overall I thought this show was incredible as there was a lot of audience interaction and it really took you through many emotions both sad and happy. I would definitely recommend going to watch this show if it is coming to a theatre near you as it is so worth it definitely a five star rating.

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