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Grease The Musical: Review

Grease The Musical Review
Grease The Musical Review
Written by Milly

On Wednesday the 7th of June, I went to see Grease the musical at the Dominion Theatre; which was absolutely mind blowing. 

Story of Grease: The musical

The story of Grease follows Danny and Sandy, a pair of lovers who reunite after a summer love, but when Sandy moves to Rydell high, can they handle the trails and tribulations that come with teenage love? Well find out, by coming to watch this incredible show filled with love , fun and a lot of music. 


Throughout the show all the cast were able to maintain the portrayal of their roles phenomenally. One member of the cast that completely blew me away was Olivia Moore, who played the role of Sandy. She was so talented and has a fantastic vocal range which she was able to effectively use in her take of “hopelessly devoted to you”. Another member of the cast that left me feeling inspired was Jocasta Almgill, as she used facial expressions to really bring out the feelings of the character, furthermore she also used eye contact with the audience which really helped the audience feel like they were part of the show. Dan partridge played the role of Danny and used body language and proxemics to help effectively show the relationship between him and the other characters such as Sandy. Overall the cast were absolutely fantastic and really played their roles impeccably. 

Overall thoughts 

Overall I thought this show was incredible, the music and acting were phenomenal and all the cast had a way of making you feel part of the show which I absolutely loved. I would definitely recommend going to watch this show and I’d give it a 5 star rating.

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