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west end shows closures
Written by Bethany Unwin

With the current covid 19 isolation rules, there has been more chaos closures for UK productions.

Over the last few weeks, we have started to see the reopening of theatre venues up and down the country. However, not all productions have returned as of yet. Other productions are hoping to return in August or September.

The current rules state if you have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for covid, you must isolate (even if you get a negative test). If someone from the cast or crew tests positive, even if the rest of the cast and crew have negative tests, they are still legally required to isolate. This has brought chaos upon shows and productions throughout the UK and in London’s West End, resulting in closures.

Over the last few weeks several productions have had forced closures due to isolation rules. Shows forced to close over the last few weeks, include: Hairspray (London’s West End), Prince Of Egypt (London’s West End), SIX (UK Tour) and Cinderella (London’s West End

As of August the rules will change once more. We are hoping that with these new rules and legislation, theatre will be able to return to it’s former glory. With full capacity audiences and isolation rules lifted preventing further show closures.

We wish all the audiences, casts, crews and creatives a joyful, healthy and safe return to the theatre, when they are able to do so.

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