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Theatre Land Re-Opened But Far From Business As Usual

Theatre Land National Theatre
National Theatre
Written by Megan McPhee

I was lucky enough to spend bank holiday weekend in London, although I didn’t get the chance to see any live performances myself, I did get the opportunity to wander round the magical streets of Theatre Land.

As excited as I was, it was quite sad to see that it was not yet back to its former glory. It still has quite a way to go before we see that happening. There was no queuing for shows. No one trying to get cheap last minute tickets. No one exiting the stage door to tonnes of fans, awaiting an opportunity to spend just a few seconds with their favourite performers. But all is not lost.

Will normality return?

Although normality has not yet returned to London’s theatre district, I believe it will soon. The brightly glowing screen announcing the return of shows, shining from the top of the lovely National Theatre building, gives me the hope that audiences will return to the Theatres. Some shows have already reopened. With tickets in high demand, I have no doubt other performances will return at full force!

Fun fact:

The National Theatre Building has been voted one of the ugliest buildings in Britain several times. But as with most things in life it’s what’s on the inside that counts. We all know that that building in fact, houses some of the worlds most beautiful theatres on the inside.

With performances at the National already back up and running, I have hope that by the end of summer we should at least start to see Theatre Land itself (and the other incredible venues further a field), start to get back to some normality; hosting sensational performances to wide eyed audiences.

The question now is… What will you go to see first?

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