A Quiet Place Part II Review

A Quiet Place Part ii Review
Written by Bethany Unwin

A Quiet Place Part II has been released into movie theatres, but was it a silent success or a muted miss?

Direction and Script:

The writing and direction was by John Krasinski. John Krasinski’s work never fails to disappoint! There is not a lot of dialogue due to the concept of the film, however the scripted dialogue is short, concise and doesn’t give too much away. The direction was outstanding, with heightened moments of suspense and drama contrasting to moments of calm.

Plot and Cast:

A Quiet Place Part II follows the Abbott Family as they continue to fight, silently, for survival, but the creatures that hunt from sound are now not their only battle. Emily Blunt stars as Evelyn Abbott (the mother). Emily’s portrayal had strong light and shade. Even in times of despair and sacrifice, she showed a mother’s courage, love, proudness, warmth and hope. With Cillian Murphy playing the role of Emmett (a family friend), the role was extremely authentic. We saw how selfishness and isolation can take over in a human fight for survival. The performance was not always warm or empathetic, but it was consistently real. Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe played the children of the Abbott family, Regan and Marcus Abbott. Again, both played their roles authentically, showing a range of emotions and helping guide the audience on the story of the Abbott family’s fight for silent survival.

Crew and Technical Teams:

This film would not have been portrayed as effectively without the amazing behind the scenes crew. The cinematography was pieced together beautifully, bring fluency to the film. Sound technicians were a huge part in making the audio and visuals link together. As the film was almost in complete silence with little dialogue, it relied on the use of sound effects to link the audio and visuals. I thought costume, hair and makeup all did an amazing job on this film. All cast and crew really made the whole story line and concept come together.


The movie was kept really fast paced which helped keep the audience engaged. Although the ending did feel rushed. It came to quite a sudden finish. The film has a resolve for the audience, however there was no closure.

I loved the concept of the film. While fighting for survival, humans become selfish and shut off to avoid pain. Ultimately this film shows that helping others, kindness, hope, sacrifice and love wins. I would highly recommend a trip to the cinema to give this film a watch!

A Quiet Place II
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