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Dirty Dancing On Stage – London Dominion Theatre

Dirty Dancing On Stage - London Dominion Theatre
Written by Milly

On the 17th of February I went to watch Dirty Dancing at the Dominion Theatre. And I definitely had the time of my life. 

The story 

The story follows Frances “Baby” Houseman who goes on holiday with her sister and parents. After deciding that the resort activities aren’t entertaining enough she stumbles across an all night dance party where she catches the eye of the resorts dance instructor Johnny Castle and from there she had the time of her life. 


The cast to this show were absolutely fantastic. One member of the cast that particularly caught my eye was Michael O Reilly who played the role of Johnny Castle the reason I loved watching his performance was due to his incredible portrayal of the the character as he really used his dance skills to show off the fantastic dance instructor he was playing. Another member of the cast I enjoyed watching was Kira Malou who played the role of Frances “Baby” Houseman. The reason I enjoyed her performance was through her use of proxemics as I was able to see the connection she had to the character of Johnny. Georgina Castle played the role of Lisa who is Frances’ sister and I really liked watching her as she used facial expressions and pitch to help portray her character of the sister. The cast were all incredible and all had fabulous dancing skills helping to make the musical so special. 


Overall I thought this show was fantastic not only were all the cast really talented but all the lighting and design was spot on too I definitely recommend seeing this show as you will definitely have the time of your life. 

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