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Disney’s Frozen The Musical: Review

Disney’s Frozen The Musical: Review
Written by Milly

On the 15th Of January I took a trip to Arendelle in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane which is home to Disney’s Frozen the musical.

About Frozen The Musical

Disney’s frozen follows the story of two young girls who are separated from a young age due to Elsa’s powers however once they turn older they are determined to come back together so once Elsa puts Arendelle into an eternal winter Anna is convinced she needs to find her to save the kingdom before it’s to late. However both sisters learn the only thing that can thaw a frozen heart is an act of true love. This show is absolutely amazing and will defy all your expectations through its comedy , surprises and amazing characters. 


The casting for this show was absolutely fantastic as everyone was able to successfully portray their character. One particular member of the cast that never failed to excite me was the wonderful Samantha Barks who played the role of Elsa. She has an absolutely incredible vocal range which makes every song so special. Another cast member that I thoroughly enjoyed watching was Emily Lane who played the role of Anna. She successfully used her facial expressions to portray the role of Anna which really helped to bring the show to life. All the cast however were extremely talented especially the Young Elsa and Anna and it is definitely a show I hope to see again. 

Set Design

The set design for frozen is created by Christopher Oram who is responsible for the Scenic and costume design. My favourite part of the scenic design was the ice bridge which was used for many of the songs including “let it go” and also many of the scenes , the reason I loved it is because the ice was made from many different materials however it was made to look so realistic. The scenic design for frozen was absolutely incredible and the creators and designers all worked incredibly hard to make sure it looked flawless. 


Overall I thought this show was absolutely wonderful not only were all the cast so talented but the scenic and costume design really helped to make it incredible too definitely one of my favourite shows. I highly recommend going to see this amazing show as it is definitely worth five stars. 

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