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The Great British Bake Off Musical – Review

The Great British Bake Off Musical - Review
Written by Milly

On the 19th Of March I took a trip to the bake off tent to watch The Great British Bake Off Musical performed at the Noel Coward Theatre and directed by Rachel Kavanaugh the musical aimed to engage the audience through their use of comedy and music.

The Story 

The story, based on the British television baking competition of the same name, follows 8 bakers that have all entered the bake off tent for the first time , throughout the show we see them all face highs and lows however they all come together and help each other on their journeys. This show is definitely joyous and comedic making it a family friendly day out. 

The cast 

The casting team made an absolutely incredible selection for this show as everyone was successfully able to portray their character. One cast member I particularly enjoyed watching was Grace Mouat who played the role of Izzy as she used facial expressions a lot to show how she felt at particular moments in the show. Another cast member I enjoyed watching was Charlotte Wakefield who played the role of Gemma as during her songs she used pitch and tone to convey the way she felt towards the other characters another way her relationship between other characters was shown was through the use of proxemics and she would distance herself from those she wasn’t keen on and she would make herself closer to those she liked. Throughout the show all the cast used physical theatre to create movement sequences in multiple scenes which was really effective as it created the impression that time was slowing down. Overall the cast were incredible and all played their roles fantastically.


Overall I thought The Great British Bake Off Musical achieved its aims as it was very joyous and comedic making it fun for all the family. It’s definitely something I would see again and I’d give it 5 stars. 

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