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Matilda The Musical – Magical or Monstrosity?

Matilda The Musical
Written by Milly

On Thursday the 8th of December, I took a trip to the Cambridge theatre to watch Matilda The Musical. I was super excited to see the show as I had heard so many amazing reviews. 

The Story 

Matilda The Musical, is an award winning show, it shares the story of Matilda, a young girl who is neglected by her parents yet she finds a love for reading and enjoys spending time in the library. After her parents realize she should be at school they send her to Crunchem Hall not your usual school and she is greeted by Miss Trunchbull a different kind of headmistress. 


The leading lady was being played by Laurel Sumberg who was an incredible Matilda. One skill that she used which never failed to impress me was her facial expressions as she really used them to portray the character of Matilda this helped the audience understand her frustrations with her parents and Miss Trunchbull.

Another cast member that portrayed her character throughout was the wonderful Lauren Byrne who played Miss Honey her vocal skills were incredible all throughout the show but I absolutely loved when she sang “ My House “ as it really helped the audience to see the struggles she went through and how appreciative she is.

Elliot Harper played the role of Miss Trunchbull and all I have to say is Wow the way he portrays the character really makes you feel sorry for the young children as they try to make themselves feel safe In school.

Overall the cast was fantastic and all the children are extremely talented as well as all the adult members of the cast too. 


Overall I thought this was an incredible show as all the children were so talented and it also had a wonderful storyline. I definitely recommend going to see this show especially if you have children as it’s an enjoyable show for all the family I’d give it a 5 star rating. 

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