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Feeling Pretty Review – Does This Production Leave You Feeling Good?

Feeling Pretty Review - Does This Production Leave You Feeling Good?
Written by Bethany Unwin

As part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the performance of Feeling Pretty is available on demand. Feeling Pretty is produced by Buttermoon Productions. But did the musical, Feeling Pretty, leave you feeling good?

The Plot:

The production is set in the fictitious radio studio, Good Time Radio. Feeling Pretty follows the thought provoking journey of a vibrant radio trio, Raquel, Belle and Michelle. Their unique radio segment, broadcasts to radio of listeners, but also performs live to an in-studio audience. This show is a jukebox style musical full of familiar songs, with a twist. With social and thought provoking themes and beautiful moments of emotional contrasts, this show will make you laugh, make you cry, make you dance, make you think and will leave you feeling empowered.

The Cast & Creative Team:

The Entire cast was made up of 3 performers; Ariella Barnett (Raquel), Amy Reed (Belle) and Liné Koen (Michelle). Don’t let the small cast fool you, these three artists had powerhouse vocals and exceptional harmonies; you could mistake the trio for a full ensemble. Each actress portrayed a unique character and you got a real sense of the dynamics and relationships within the group from start to finish.

Alongside performing, all 3 cast members took on the majority of creative roles within the show. The writing, Direction, lyric adaption, Set design, costume design, the role of creative director, in addition to numerous other roles, all came down to Ariella Barnett. Arranging the music and also musically directing this production alongside other roles were accomplished by Liné Koen. While the role of editor was taken on by Amy Reed.

The concept for this show was innovative. The production was well thought-out and intelligently pieced together. Each song featured connotations within the lyrics to help navigate the plot, the songs were skillfully picked. Picking what songs to include, must have taken a considerable amount of time and research to add to the plot and align with the journey of the performance.

Show Summary:

If you are considering giving this production a watch, do it. Feeling Pretty is 50minutes of entertainment, with a great concept, fabulous performances and fantastic tunes.

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