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Heathers The Musical – Review

Heathers The Musical - Review
Written by Milly

On Tuesday the 9th of August I took a trip to Westberg to see the amazing performance of Heathers the musical playing at The Other palace, London.

The Story

The synopsis of this amazing show begins in Westberg High, an American High School, where the most popular girls are known as the Heathers. The heathers are then met with Veronica Sawyer who saves them from a detention and gets to know them a little better. Unfortunately for Veronica, she learns about the real side to the heathers and how mean they can be, so plans her revenge. This is an incredible and touching story inspired by the heathers film that was released in 1989.


Throughout the show my eyes were drawn to the incredibly talented cast. One cast member that particularly caught my eye was the amazing Maddison Firth who played the role of heather chandler. She really brought the character to life through her fantastic facial expressions and acting skills. I especially enjoyed watching Maddison in the song ‘Candy store’ as her vocal skills are marvellous.

Another character that caught my eye was Veronica Sawyer played by the very talented Ailsa Davidson. The reason I was so drawn into her character was partly due to the interaction she had with the audience, she did this by making eye contact and facial expressions to different members of the audience which made you feel like you were really there.

The final character that really caught my eye was Daisy Twells who played new wave girl as a member of the ensemble, she really brought the show to life with her enthusiasm and passion to the show. Of course I would love to have said something about every single member of the cast as they were all wonderful and really brought something special to the cast.

Creative Team

The creative team is made up of so many talented people all helping to create such an amazing show. Kevin Murphy and Laurence O‘Keefe (Book, Music & Lyrics), Andy Fickman (Director), Gary Lloyd (Choreography/Associate Director), David Shields (Designer), Dan Samson (Sound Designer) and Ben Cracknell (Lighting Designer) this amazing team of people really help make the show come to life. 


Overall I would give this show 5 stars and definitely would recommend you to watch it as it is such an interesting take on the original film, however, it could be triggering to some people due to certain topics so make sure to check the website before you go, but if this sounds like a show for you then why not head to the Other Palace in London to see it. 
I would definitely give this show a 5/5

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