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Six The Musical Review – West End

Six The Musical Review - West End
Written by Milly

On the 18th of October, I took a trip to the Vaudeville Theatre to watch the incredible west end production of Six the Musical; which was absolutely phenomenal. 

The Story

Six The Musical is based off the six wives of Henry VIII who all tell their story through their individual songs. The queens all sing up beat and catchy songs to share their part of history from their perspective. It is a show full of history and joy, teaching you something along the way. 

The Cast

When I say, words can’t describe the cast I saw they really can’t as I went on the opening night of the new cast and therefore witnessed three of them make their west end debuts which was incredible to see.  

One person in the cast that just blew me away was Claudia Kariuki who just sings with so much emotion and you can really see her character of Jane Seymour come through. Another cast member who continuously caught my eye was the very talented Koko Basigara who really used her acting skills to portray the amazing Katherine Howard.

During the show Dionne Ward – Anderson never failed to show the talent she really has as she sang with so much power and passion. One cast member that I Particularly enjoyed was Baylie Carson as they used their facial expressions to really show off their character. Throughout the show I really loved watching Roxanne Couch as she really made me feel a connection to the show as her voice was superior.

Finally , a cast member that really showed their acting skills was the wonderful Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky whose voice was just amazing. What I really loved about the cast is the support they showed for each other while on stage and you can see the amazing connection they all have with each other making the show super special. 

Overall Thoughts:

Overall this show is just so special as not only is it a brilliant watch but it also teaches you so much about the history of Henry’s six wives from their perspectives. I definitely want to go and see this again and I really can’t wait to see what this wonderful cast has to offer. I definitely recommend taking a trip to the theatre to see it as I would give it a 5 star rating.

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