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Six the musical UK tour – Review

Six the musical UK tour - Review
Written by josephgooding1

On the 3rd August 2022 I went to see the touring production of Six the musical UK tour at the Lyric theatre at the Lowry in Salford, Manchester.

The story

Six is a modern take on the 6 royal queens which sadly ended up with the man we all know of ‘Henry the 8th’. The pop princesses all compete for who will win the band ‘SIX’ whilst telling their story through up-beat and cleverly written pop songs! The production was absolutely crown-worthy. From stunning, sparkly costumes, to bright flashy lights and an unbelievable catchy score, six is an almost guaranteed fun night out!

Creative Team

Six was originally written by two Cambridge university students known as ‘Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss’. These insanely talented writers who started with the first university production, then took their show to the Edinburgh fringe festival, where audiences went wild, with such a high demand of fans, the show has gone worldwide with productions on; Broadway, West end, 2 American tours (Boleyn & Aragon), UK tour, Norwegian cruise lines (Bliss & Breakaway) and an Australian & New Zealand tour. The dialogue is bound to make you laugh as the queens do not hold back on what they have to say on ‘the man who put a ring on it’. Each queen has at least 1 solo song each and with 3 group songs, the fantastic score is definitely one you want to get up and dance too! The writing is definitely 5/5 stars.

Cast of Six the musical UK tour

The cast that I saw was; Chloe Hart (Catherine of Aragon), Jennifer Caldwell (Anne Boleyn), Jessica Niles (Anna of Cleves), Alana M Robinson (Catherine Parr). Including alternates; Natalie Pilkington (Jane Seymour) & Leesa Tulley (Katherine Howard).

Every single one of these queens gave an outstanding performance, Chloe Hart honestly blew the roof of with her riffs in ‘No way’, Jennifer Caldwell left the audience cackling after her hilarious portrayal of the bad ass song ‘Don’t loose ur head’, the amazing Natalie Pilkinton really brought the innocence of Seymour out and the audience was left silent whilst she sung the emotional song ‘Heart of stone’. Jessica Niles really gave a great performance as Cleves inspiring young women that they do not need anyone to be successful and they can be great independent women, whilst giving a funny and entertaining performance. Leesa Tulley really captured the fun side of Howard, but during the song ‘All you wanna do’ also helped focus on the innocent figure Howard was and what awful things she went through. Finally Alana M Robinson left the audience wowed as she sung her song ‘I don’t need you love’. Overall, the cast were 5/5 stars!

Costume design

With costume designs by Tony award winner Gabriella Slade. Six is a real treat to the eyes (my personal favourite being Aragon’s), she really captured the pop style with the queens sparkly costumes but also still managed to give them a ‘Tudor feel’. The intricate designs dazzled under the stage lights by Lighting designer ‘Tim Deiling’ and on the beautiful light up set by ‘Emma Bailey’. Overall all I give of these elements are 4.5/5 stars.


Finally, the show was choreographed by the talented ‘Carrie Anne Ingrouille’ her choreography was so fun and modern and really utilised the space and set well. 4/5 stars


The show as a whole is a 5 star show, I highly would recommend it! It is a perfect night out for people who want to have fun but also learn a bit about the 6 queens. It is currently reigning on tour until Glasgow in September 2023 with further dates to be announced! Make sure to try and catch it, you definitely do not want to miss it!

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