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The batman Review 2022 – The Bat, The Cat and The Flying Rat

Written by sam unwin

The Batman (2022) is a ride. It is a ride without destination, without control and without brakes. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Before this film’s release the producer Dylan Clark stated ambitiously “we’re trying to make the best Batman ever made”, while I believe this is not the case they have certainly made the most Batman ever made. This statement may come off as confusing to some. Yes. It is. so let me elaborate. Batman has been around for 83 years at this point and has been many things to many people. To some he is a detective, to others a comedic straight man, to others overly violent and to a few a little Lego man. In The Batman, Robert Pattinson portrays all of these aspects distilled and compressed into one (with the exception of the Lego part… maybe).

This film is as though the campy 60’s cast have been mercilessly forced into Batman Returns world by Matt Reeves, the director, whilst he re-watches the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy for the fiftieth time. This may seem as though this film has nothing to add for long-time fans, this is simply untrue. This film is a love letter to all that have come before it, comics and movies alike, good and bad. It embraces the whacky whilst keeping the grit. The film somehow remained distinct and wonderfully optimistic, something woefully missing from recent Batman films. I hope this film has set the bar for future superhero movies. With an excellent cast, a brilliant director, a followable plot and genuine love for all that has come before it. This film was fun.

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