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Wicked Review

Wicked Review
Written by Milly

On Tuesday the 16th of August I took a trip back to the Emerald City to watch Wicked for a second time which has been defying gravity since 2006 at the Apollo Theatre , Victoria where it is still shown today.

The story

The synopsis of this amazing production shares the relationship between the very popular Glinda and the slightly misunderstood Elphaba. The fascinating story shares the ups and downs of both girls and how their relationship builds throughout the show. 


During the show my eyes were drawn to the particularly talented cast including Laura Harrison who played the leading lady and the role of Elphaba on that evening, Helen Woolf who played Glinda and Ryan Reid who played Fiyero. One way that Laura Harrison had me hooked from the beginning was through the way she portrayed her character as Elphaba. Through her amazing acting skills I never failed to feel a connection with Elphaba during the show. Another way she caught my eye was the use of her incredible vocal skills which she used to perfect every song she sang. Helen Woolf and Ryan Reid  blew me away with their talent whilst on the stage not only did they really show they acting skills but were also super vocally talented too I really couldn’t have asked for more when seeing this cast shine they all performed really well and made me feel part of a story I definitely want to see them all again. 

Creative Team

The creative for Wicked team is made up of many talented people who all put in a lot of work to make the show what it is today. During the show I really enjoyed seeing all the costume designs as they really helped bring it to life the wonderful costumes were all designed by the amazing Susan Hilferty. Another part of the show I loved is when the entire stage lit up beautifully making me feel really connected to the performance the lighting design was created by Kenneth Posner. I really loved all the different elements of the show and the creative team all work really hard to make sure it’s possible and without them the show really wouldn’t be able to happen. 


Overall I really loved this show of Wicked, not only did it bring back memories from when I had seen it before, it definitely didn’t fail to give me the chills again too. I highly recommend this amazing production and would definitely give it a five star rating so if you are able to see the show definitely go watch the show that defies gravity. 

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